The Change Room

Best Practice for Better Outcomes.

Zenergy is a holistic provider of Safety, Health & Wellbeing services across the Asia Pacific Region. Our highly acclaimed and unique Change Room Program has been developed to provide a dynamic approach to workplace resilience and wellbeing: either as a Return To Work (insurance) recovery option and/or as a Preventative (Human Resources) program.

The Change Room is a world leading, benchmark program that enlists the latest cognitive behavioural therapies to focus on the whole of the injured person—not just their injury. Ongoing efficacy of the Change Room program is monitored independently by the Australian Catholic University

Over 98% of participants complete the Change Room program & develop sustainable RTW goals

Early Intervention

Our advocacy model of care is most effective in the early stages of assessment and treatment, when there is a risk and/ or incidence of the person creating psychosocial roadblocks on their return to health and/or work.

Specifically designed to build on a person’s resilience and wellbeing, to re-engage with treatment and maximise return to work outcomes:

A Complete Solution

  • To engage the individual and their current, personal challenges
  • To focus on developing behaviours that improve and can sustain wellbeing
  • To do so in a safe, supportive environment of genuine care
  • To build accountability and teamwork, pride in achievement, constructive culture and social connection
  • To increase health literacy and build functional behavioural models and strategies

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