The Change Room

Building a Healthy, Resilient Workforce

The Change Room enlists the very latest resilience and wellbeing techniques used worldwide by elite sports psychologists and trainers to empower employees to embrace a growth mindset when faced with challenge—both in the workplace and in their daily lives.

Psychosocial interventions have been proven to increase wellbeing and return to work outcomes for participants

Resilience is the Answer

Even with proactive and well-resourced employers, individual employees may experience workplace injury that will impact their productivity and ability to remain at work. Research now shows that resilience training and wellbeing techniques can have a protective effect on individuals at risk, as well as provide a pathway back from injury.

Grounded in Science, Driven by Data

Ongoing efficacy of the Change Room program is monitored independently by the Australian Catholic University. The results continue to prove that The Change Room is at the absolute forefront when it comes to investing and building a resilient workforce.

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